Fluke T is a 23 years old singer-songwriter based in Belgrade, Serbia.

In 2016 Fluke T won two awards on International singer-songwriter contest (1st prize by audience vote and 2nd by jury vote). He has experience in live performances, as he got notable performances in Serbia, Bosnia, Hungary and Slovenia. He has one self-released single “Perfect Crime” (January 2017) which recieved very good reviews across the Balkans.

Fluke T delivers new musical experiences through modern and attractive pop sound.


Please tell me it’s not too late

Don’t tell me you are burning out.

We are slipping at the edge, but

There’s still some lovin’, I have no doubt


It’s your head against your heart

Now you’re the one that’s too hard to find

Stop whispering just come closer

Memories are going through my mind


‘She don’t need it anymore’ it’s a voice I can’t ignore

And I burn inside because of things won’t be like they were before.


I tried to keep you close, close to me

But you told me you got to go.

I’ve realized you are all I need

But there was something I couldn’t know


It’s hard to look back, almost one year has passed

Since you went away, and broke my heart like glass

I can’t lie no more, to myself I’m alright

That’s why my soul commands me to write.


So sad you never changed your mind

You knew what you were leaving behind

Sometimes I’d kill it to give it one more shot

It’s hard to know that you would not.


You don’t know how I feel deep inside

I tried to be strong but a part of me has died

It hurts that I am not the one that you need

Wish you all the best, hope you’ll succeed.


Tell me one thing, do I ever cross your mind?


I know I gotta figure out who I wanna be

The man on the stage or the one with a degree

About one thing I have always been sure

My love was pure and yours was a cure.


You promised your body to these arms of mine

Now somebody else makes it shine

I wanted to be the one you can’t live without

But there was a fire I could put it out.


Wonder if you could stay a little more

This heart wasn’t ready to be alone

There were a lot of things we wanted we didn’t do

And only one thing we did but didn’t want to.


Tell me baby, do I ever cross your mind?


I tried my best, I couldn’t win

Guess now in your heart someone else is living in

Well you forgot when you were down

I was the only one there was around


Told you there was nothing we couldn’t face

But now your mind’s in some other place

 And maybe I should let you go

But girl lately I’ve been craving more


Didn’t know I would miss you so much

Sometimes my heart seems so hard to touch

Do you remember me, do you know what I mean

I’m the boy you loved when you were sixteen.


Tell me how you feel right now

Do I ever cross your mind

Tell me how you feel right now

Tell me are you happy now




“The future of the singer-songwriters scene.

Worth hearing.“



‘’This is definitely future of singer-songwriters scene

and it’s worth to take a time for research this very

interesting musician’’




I’ve been sitting here with you for the whole night

There is nothing I want to hide.

I got something to say, but it’s stuck in my mind

‘cause you’re by my side.


Take my hand baby don’t say a word

We met here by a chance.

Now I’m falling for your eyes

While we go up to dance.


I’ll hold you close

Your body knows

Tonight I feel like I want you.

We found love on the dance floor

We found love on the dance floor

And all we want is more.

We woke up next morning in your flat

Oh girl I think I’m falling.

Never had a feeling quite like that

Oh baby I’m all in.

We woke up next morning in your flat

Oh girl I think I’m falling.

Never had a feeling quite like that

Oh baby I’m all in.


I’ll put my hand on your cheek and I’ll give you a kiss

‘cause this beat runs through my brain.

I was made to keep your body warm

Let’s do it all over again













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Nenad Todorovic

Bulevar Oslobodjenja 142/22

11000 Belgrade, Serbia